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Welcome to Gordana’s Vignettes !

Now that you are here, I should explain why you would consider subscribing to my art and design blog, the Vignettes.

I will use this blog to keep you informed about the changes to my website, as well as to give you a window into my process of creating art. Don’t be surprised when some other art and design related topics — interesting exhibitions and events, book and product reviews, other artists and designers etc. — find their way into my posts. I will eventually narrow my focus, at least I hope so.

Dyed and Painted TextilesGordana’s dyed textiles

It will take a while until the post frequency becomes consistent. I should have something up every couple of weeks, more or less…even if it is just an inspirational photo or an exploratory sketch. Then again, if some public event catches my eye at the last minute, I may write about it right away so that you can still attend it.

I hope we meet here again!


  1. Judy Goodwin says:

    I really enjoyed your work..I am trying to get back into doing !!! You also just live in my area..I am in Rotterdam..You have inspired me..Thanks JG

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